Matt always held a passion for physical fitness, from the time he was just a kid. As a certified trainer, his clients realized that not only was he knowledgeable about nutrition and weightlifting but that he was also passionate about each client’s success.

It wasn’t long before word spread about the incredible results people were getting with Matt’s help and soon enough, he had more business than ever before which allowed him to open up his own studio. It became clear to everyone that no matter what individual struggles someone faced when joining Matt’s program – whether it was weight loss or lack of motivation – Matt would do everything in his power to help them succeed in reaching their goals safely while having fun along the way.

Today, Matt continues inspiring others around him with his positive attitude towards health and wellness while continuing to grow his company into something even bigger than himself! Matt Sherman Fitness is located at 625 Walnut Ridge Drive Ste 110 in Hartland and can be reached at 262-337-0814.

Welcoming Matt to the Hartland Chamber are Chamber board directors and ambassadors (l-r): Nick Jensen, Keller Williams Realty, Milwaukee Lake Country; Dr. Anna Koeck, Theia Vision Care; Donna Dorau, Evancer Resource Group; Dawn Chavez Great Midwest Bank; Matt and Lisa Sherman; Scott Heyerdahl, Scott Heyerdahl- First Weber, Premier Partners; Elise Miller, Lake Country Bed Barn and Mike Gogin, Mike Gogin – State Farm.

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