Dr. Hannah Scherbarth is originally from Shawano, WI and moved to Hartland in 2020. She opened New Heights Physical Therapy located in Hartland as a mobile PT practice in August 2021, and has since grown to now provide holistic physical therapy services out of her practice location in the Bailey Family Dental building.

New Heights is not your typical physical therapy practice. At New Heights PT, we help high achievers learn how to listen to and treat their bodies and their minds so they can overcome pain and truly enjoy their fast-paced lives. We are all about sustainable changes – teaching you how to feel better and maintain it. Dr. Hannah specializes in chronic pain PT and coaching, while her new PT in the practice specializes in women’s and pelvic health PT and coaching.

“My mission is to connect with the people in my community and empower each person to be informed advocates for their health. So often we wrongly accept pain, discomfort, or poor movement through life as ‘normal’ because we think we are “just getting old”, or we don’t want to complain and be a burden to anyone else, or we’ve tried and failed to find help that is the right fit for us so then we decide we can’t be helped at all.

Here’s the truth: not every provider is the perfect fit for every client, and not all providers are created equal. I believe in listening deeply so I can help you connect the dots. This allows me to guide each person who walks through my door towards the best resources that they may need at that time.

Our stories and journeys are not all the same, but we all deserve to be well and understand our bodies, minds, and that we have more power than we think over how we experience life. My goal is to help you find and feel that power so you can finally envision and reach new heights in your personal wellness!”

Outside of NHPT, you can find Hannah enjoying time together with her husband and black lab somewhere outdoors, camping, taking backcountry canoe trips, training for her next marathon, enjoying a craft beer by the campfire, DIY home projects, learning how to garden and not kill houseplants, and doing her own holistic PT to discover her own new heights in wellness.

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