The Chiropractors, LLC
W238 N1690 Rockwood Drive, Suite 200
Waukesha, WI 53188
(262) 691-0997

Pictured is Dr. Christopher Rebholz of The Chiropractors, LLC.

At The Chiropractors, LLC, Dr. Christopher Rebholz has always operated under the premise of, treat others the way he would like to be treated. He will not recommend someone do something, take something or wear something that he would not do himself. He believes that life is too short to live with aches and pains. There are so many healthcare options out there. Get a second, third or fourth opinion and take control of your healthcare.

The Chiropractors, LLC provide Chiropractic adjustments utilizing 5 different techniques to meet patients’ comfort and/or condition. They also provide custom built orthotics, whole food supplements, ultrasound therapy and interferential therapy.

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The Chiropractors, LLC has been a member of the Chamber for nine years.

The Chamber highlights deserving members to thank them for their membership and commitment to the Hartland community. Businesses also receive a gift certificate from the Hartland Chamber and are asked to participate in the “Pay It Forward” program by passing it along to one of their deserving clients, vendors or employees.

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