The Hartland Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed new member, True Forward Coaching. Board Member and Ambassador Mary Ebert (Branch Manager of Town Bank – Hartland) presented Maggie Meylor (True Forward Coaching) with a membership plaque from the Chamber. Pictured (from left): Elise Miller (Lake Country Bed Barn), Mary Ebert (Town Bank), Maggie Meylor (True Forward Coaching) and Alex Barta (Skye Financial Services, Inc.)

Maggie Meylor, True Forward Coaching, commented “As a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach, Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and Certified e2grow Facilitator, I empower individuals and high-performing teams to work and live in harmony with who they are created to be. I work directly with high-performing team leaders to curate a sustainable way to improve work culture and retain employees. I guide them through a transformational experience that will create new, healthy work habits, which leads to employees feeling valued, engaged, and excited about their work. The outcome: the company thrives with actively engaged employees and higher profitability. If you’re a business owner who is ready to change the team dynamic and install new leadership routines to improve your business results, or know someone who may fit these criteria, please connect with me. I’d love to have a conversation.”

For more information about True Forward Coaching, visit their website or call (262) 623-0359.

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