Lynn Minturn has been President of the Hartland Chamber of Commerce in Hartland Wisconsin since 2004 and is responsible for developing and guiding an active program at the Chamber aimed at providing business services for its membership, improving business-civic conditions and coordinating large-scale community events. Lynn and her husband Sam (affectionately known as the Chamber Cabana Boy for his many volunteer hours spent helping out at Chamber events) just celebrated 34 years of marriage. They have one son, Erikray, who is getting married in 2022 so are also gaining a daughter-in-law, Kenzie. On the home front, they continue to host a frog named Milo that refuses to croak (he was brought home as a school project over 20 years ago as a barely-able-to-see tadpole) and two cats – the diva known as Mia and the Oompa Lloompa called Leiney or Mr. Kugel.
These magnificent individuals spend hours and hours every year helping make great things happen in Hartland. As they say, “It takes a Village”.
I work alone much of the time but need to be in constant contact with dozens of individuals, businesses and committees every day. Though often maligned, email is the only efficient means to keep on top of an ever-moving calendar of events, seminars, meetings and chamber offerings.
I constantly dabble in DIY projects. When I look at something I like to take it apart visually and try to figure out how I can first, make it and then, make it my own. To bring that creative outlet into my work day, I am constantly finessing ideas and twisting them on their head to find a new way to do something old. The discovery of what might be possible is intriguing to me.
A lemon drop martini on the patio when the weather is warm or an old-fashioned in front of the fireplace when cool weather rolls in.
Whether it’s my job, being a good wife and mother, volunteering, crossing things off my bucket list or just finding joy in the day, I feel validated at the end of the week for a job well-done if I had a goal and a purpose.

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