Dr. Anna provides holistic eyecare, treating the entire person and meeting you where you are.

After realizing that traditional medicine did not focus on prevention and just worked to cover up a problem as fast as possible, Dr. K opened Theia Vision Care to provide preventative, holistic and direct eye care.

Education and reading have been a long-time passion for Dr. K since she moved to the United States from Minsk, Belorus in 4th grade. Not being able to speak English and not having many resources around, she found the library as a haven to learn and succeed. As a result, she is so passionate about providing every child the same chance to succeed and learn through clear vision. Without clear vision children cannot learn well. Therefore, a yearly eye exam for every child is a must! Fun fact, first eye exam with an eye doctor should be at 1 year old and the child does not need to be able to read or talk. A yearly eye exam for adults and kids can catch health problems such as diabetes, prevent headaches and help relieve visual stress. Headaches are a common signal of a vision problem! They are common, but are not normal!

Dr. Anna Koeck lives in Hartland, WI with husband Josh, 8 year-old son Maks and 10 month Old English Sheepdog Hugo. Josh and Anna are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this August! Dr. Anna loves traveling, reading, weight lifting and watching Maks play football, baseball and basketball. Fun fact, as Mrs. Waukesha County, Dr. K was one of the runners up for Mrs. Wisconsin. Look for her in a next beauty pageant!

Dr. Anna loves the Lake Country community and is so grateful to serve as a Hartland Chamber Ambassador. Theia Vision Care always has and continues to find a way to say yes to any charities or community programs and schools that reach out for help!

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